Bob Trower, BSc., Mprog., CCE.

Cell: (613) 246-2237
Phone: (613) 345-1976
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Bob Trower

Summary of Experience and Skills

Employment History

1992 -


President, Trantor Standard Systems Inc.

87-92 Manager, Product Initiatives Laboratory, Royal Trust. Toronto, Ontario.

1987 Consultant, Quantum Information Resources. Toronto, Ontario.

1986 Micro Systems Manager, Computer Utility Management Ltd. Mississauga, Ontario.

84-86 President BFS, Systems Analyst, Cal Dy Computer Systems Inc. Toronto, Ontario.

1983 Research Assistant, Canpro Laboratories. Downsview, Ontario.


1984 B.Sc. York University, Toronto.

Software Product Knowledge

Operating System: MS-DOS (taught course), OS/2, Windows, VM CMS, UNIX (HP-UX, Sun, AIX, XENIX, SCO, DYNIX, Linux, BSD, Cygwin), MVS, VMS, OS65U, Windows NT, Citrix WinFrame

LAN: IBM PCLP, IBM LAN Server, Microsoft LAN Manager, 3Com LAN Manager, Novell, Microsoft LAN Server (NT Server 4.0 course instructor). Plesk VPN.

Communications: DCA Irma, DCA Communications Manager, IBM 3270 Gateway, IBM Entry-level 3270 Emulator, IBM 3270 Emulator for Windows, ProComm, Telix, ParaNet, TCP/IP, Skype API, Plesk Control Panel, SSH.

Database:Microsoft/Sybase SQL Server, Sybase under Unix (Sun Solaris, HP UX), Novell Btrieve, Clipper (Dbase), SQL/DS, DB2, Interbase, Oracle under DYNIX, MySQL.

CASE Tools:Omnis-5, Case-W, and Easel, DBDesigner

Compilers:Microsoft C (4,5,6,7, Visual C++),gcc, Borland C++ (2,3), Zortech C++(2,3), Visual Basic (3,4,5,6,.NET), Quick Basic (1,2,3,4), Turbo Basic, Clipper, Logitech Modula 2, Turbo Pascal, C3270 (Whitesmith), MASM (3,4,5), SunPro C, Sun javac (Java).

Applications:All Microsoft Office Products (Word, Excel, Visio, PowerPoint, Project, Access, Outlook,etc), Front Page, First Page, WordPerfect (taught course), Lotus-123 (taught course), Dbase, Qedit, Notepad++, FrameMaker, email, MS Mail products, PROFS, Pegasus, Thunderbird, Lotus Notes, MS PowerPoint, MS Project, Kawa, FileZilla, FireFox.

Outside Interests