Bob Trower, BSc., Mprog., CCE.

Cell: (613) 246-2237
Phone: (613) 345-1976
Fax: (613) 345-1491

Email: btrower@trantor.ca

Bob Trower

Summary of Experience and Skills

  • Initiator and manager of computer networking projects.
  • Successful track record of hands-on management of people, projects and departments.
  • Successful track record with bottom line experience for Profit and Loss.
  • Broad software development experience including requirements gathering, analysis, design, coding, project management, department management, maintenance, troubleshooting and documentation.
  • More than 20 years professional systems analysis and programming in numerous languages including C, C++, SQL (Sybase, IBM, MySQL, Oracle), BASIC, FORTRAN, PL/1, 6502 Assembler, 80x86 Assembler, Turbo Pascal, Modula2, REXX, Clipper (Dbase), Visual Basic, Perl, Java, PHP, SSI, html, XML.
  • Extensive hands-on object based analysis design and coding in C and C++ (many different compilers).
  • Extensive hands on experience in cyberspace from before the WWW until the present. Proficient in html, scripting, server maintenance. Responsible for project initiation, overall design and management of HushWebs websites http://www.hushwebs.com
  • Development experience and broad user skills in GUI environments such as OS/2, Windows, Windows NT, and X-Windows. Experience using and coding for end user products such as MS Office, WinWord, Excel, PowerPoint, Quattro Pro, MS Access.
  • Database design education and coding in SQL, Dbase, Btrieve, and MS Access.
  • Communications design, analysis and programming, networking certification (CCA, IBM LAN Admin).
  • Experience in most major operating environments.
  • Management of corporate projects including client relationships, business cases, project reporting, internal and external deadlines, task allocation, meeting management, contingency planning, CPNs, and resource leveling. This includes all phases from initiation to retirement.
  • Comfortable in large corporate environments including use of electronic mail, voice mail, matrix management, departmental budgeting, presentations, close vendor relationships, management reporting.
  • Canadian Federal Government Enhanced Reliability Security Clearance through to May 3 2009 (Clearance Number 95127026).

Employment History

1992 -


President, Trantor Standard Systems Inc. http://www.trantor.ca

  • Initiated ongoing web development venture in 1999. Sample sites can be found through http://www.trantor.ca. Our company developed many different sites using many different methods over the years. A sample of a recent site built for a client is here: http://www.CWayLimo.com. It is very plain, but is a net income producer both for our company and our client. We now have a cost model that puts the operation in the black. Some of our initial design philosophy is discussed here: http://www.HushWebs.com. Our site http://www.HushData.com gives some idea of the technical capabilities that underly our solutions. We are still in development of our dealer products, but a part of the offering can be seen here http://www.hushserver.com/domains.htm. This was in a research, development and testing phase from 1999 until 2006. As of Q4 2006 we are doing expanded pilots and expect to roll out a franchise operation in 2007/2008. New site code is in final testing and includes tools to automate site development and maintainence.
  • Extensive work with open source tools and open source environments -- Linux, MySQL, phpMyAdmin, PHP, perl, Apache, phpWiki, phpBB, various groupware, GnuPG, etc.
  • Training (overview, some hands-on) with .NET and recent versions of Microsoft tools.
  • Secure Internet voting system design in partnership with DataFix (http://www.datafix.com) and ePost (http://www.epost.ca). See http://www.hushvote.com
  • Open Source development: http://base64.sourceforge.net. The source is increasingly popular with other people on a number of other projects. It was chosen for its clarity and simplicity. It now exists in some Operating System distributions and is used in consumer devices such as 'set top boxes' (the world's largest manufacturer of these uses my code).
  • Object oriented design and development of Java Security Architecture, including a Java 2.0 ‘encryption provider’ in partnership with Fourbit Group (http://www.fourbit.com).
  • Design and coding of rack processing software in Oracle Pro C and SQL for TOSCO in Houston, Texas.
  • Networking Professor, course director, St. Lawrence College, Brockville Campus (1999).
  • Chief Scientist -- Initiated (1995) and manage (ongoing) SR&ED research program for advanced data storage, transmission, compression and encryption. Responsible for all analysis and design.
  • Project initiation and Systems Analysis and Design for Automated Credit Scoring System in association with DataFix, AWare and Trimark Trust. Designed and coded scoring engine component. See http://www.hushdata.com/prod02_DServer.php?myname=prod02_DServer
  • Systems Analysis and Design of automated credit-scoring system for Trimark Trust.
  • C++, SQL, Actuate report Analysis and design for Sybase Canada Inc. in Toronto.
  • Consultant using Sun Unix/Windows NT for Fleet Financial Front End System project in South Carolina.
  • Consultant -- reporting utilities in C, SQL under Sun Unix for CIBC - Wood Gundy
  • Consultant -- Electronic Commerce Client code for Microsoft Consulting Services.
  • Analysis, Design and coding of encryption software in Visual C++ and Visual Basic 4
  • Consultant -- design of client software for remote Internet sign-up for ACC (Visual Basic)
  • Manager of Development Environment and Project Manager for Bell Mobility in Toronto (Anderson Consulting's application architecture team). C and SQL programming under HP Unix and Sybase. Unix, Sybase and UCT administration. Use of HP development tools, UCT, and PVCS. Systems Analysis, Design and coding of C++ code generator for developer clients.
  • Consultant, C and SQL based systems under Sun Solaris UNIX and Sybase for Bell Atlantic in Washington D.C. Used SunPro development tools, UCT, Tuxedo, and Continuus (CaseWare) source code control and build system.
  • Consultant -- Database design, analysis and implementation for companies such as Borland Canada, Bell TeleDirect and Trimark.
  • Database Analysis and design (Interbase, Sybase) and C programming for DataFix.
  • Designed and Installed Borland Canada’s demonstration Interbase database (SCO).
  • Consultant -- Development Team Manager for Synerlogic -- Supervised team implementing a complex client-server system using C++ (Windows and OS/2), Sybase SQL (OS/2), and IBM LAN server.
  • Senior Management Consultant -- White papers and proposals for DataFix clients.
  • Systems Analysis, Design and coding for a wholesale inventory module for Eclipse Travel Systems. Included database, Clipper and C coding and source code control under Novell.
  • Instructor, Computer Science at Sheridan College during 1992 and 1993.

87-92 Manager, Product Initiatives Laboratory, Royal Trust. Toronto, Ontario.

  • Received awards and bonuses as Manager of Product Initiatives Laboratory.
  • Systems Analyst, Designer and Author of Royal Trust's International Dial Access software. Written entirely in C, with more than 600 users and in use for more than 5 years, the code never required updates or bug fixes.
  • Systems Analysis, Design and coding of object-based prototyping system for above. System emphasizes data encapsulation, object hierarchies, and re-usable modules.
  • Put Royal Trust on the Internet in 1988.
  • Extensive work with Local Area Networks, OS/2, DOS, and Windows in an IBM mainframe environment. Designed/built original LANs for IS department, Taught LAN administration.
  • Systems Analysis, Design and development of prototype client-server environment; including LAN Servers, Communications Gateway, bridges, Sybase SQL Database Server, and remote workstations. Client software was written in Omnis-5.
  • Physical database design for Royal Trust’s TWIST system.
  • Systems Analysis, Design and coding of a DB2-SQL - Sybase Transact-SQL translator.
  • Analysis, Design and coding using SQL server and LAN APIs for logon, data transfers and remote queries, including DLLs.
  • Analysis, Design and coding -- MS-Windows code in C, using Windows SDK (various).
  • Systems Analysis and Design for data entry system in C on an emergency basis. Designed and Prototyped in 3 days, delivered in 6 weeks. Designed and largely written by myself.
  • Technical manager of a team of 8 people to create a pilot system. We wrote a terminal emulator in BASIC, 3270 HLLAPI code (in C), Data Entry programs (written in C), a query interface (SQL), and REXX and DOS batch files. Created a VM/CMS host environment on an IBM 9370. The system was on an SNA WAN attached through gateways to branch LANs. Served 250 users in 11 branches in 2 cities.

1987 Consultant, Quantum Information Resources. Toronto, Ontario.

  • Contracted to IBM to design and write C code for one of their projects.
  • Designed workstation environment, C compilers, code libraries and LAN software.
  • Trained programmers in the use of editors, compilers, and C coding techniques.

1986 Micro Systems Manager, Computer Utility Management Ltd. Mississauga, Ontario.

  • Responsible for small team of micro development programmers.
  • Participated in conversion/rewrite of vertical market software in C.
  • Wrote integrated word processor in Turbo Pascal
  • Wrote system installation program in C.
  • Installed XENIX (UNIX clone), wrote ANSI screen routines for DOS/UNIX.

84-86 President BFS, Systems Analyst, Cal Dy Computer Systems Inc. Toronto, Ontario.

  • Ported software from Victor 900 to the IBM PC compatible.
  • Designed and wrote inventory control package. Complete project responsibility.
  • In late 1985, Cal Dy's owners created a new software company called 'Best Feature Software'. I was the President of the company and a minority shareholder.

1983 Research Assistant, Canpro Laboratories. Downsview, Ontario.

  • Helped to set up a computer data collection system (I did the software interface).
  • Performed chemical analysis for lab clients using BP and USP protocols.


1984 B.Sc. York University, Toronto.

  • National Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) Scholarship 1982.
  • Industry courses on LAN trouble-shooting, LAN Admin (IBM), Relational Database design (IBM), Data Architecture and entity relationship modeling (London Life), OS/2 programming (IBM). Management training (Vision 1990). Teaching Methods (Sheridan College Professional Development Course) WinFrame Administrator’s Course (Citrix).
  • Citrix Winframe Administrator Courses (CCE designation).

Software Product Knowledge

Operating System: MS-DOS (taught course), OS/2, Windows, VM CMS, UNIX (HP-UX, Sun, AIX, XENIX, SCO, DYNIX, Linux, BSD, Cygwin), MVS, VMS, OS65U, Windows NT, Citrix WinFrame

LAN: IBM PCLP, IBM LAN Server, Microsoft LAN Manager, 3Com LAN Manager, Novell, Microsoft LAN Server (NT Server 4.0 course instructor). Plesk VPN.

Communications: DCA Irma, DCA Communications Manager, IBM 3270 Gateway, IBM Entry-level 3270 Emulator, IBM 3270 Emulator for Windows, ProComm, Telix, ParaNet, TCP/IP, Skype API, Plesk Control Panel, SSH.

Database:Microsoft/Sybase SQL Server, Sybase under Unix (Sun Solaris, HP UX), Novell Btrieve, Clipper (Dbase), SQL/DS, DB2, Interbase, Oracle under DYNIX, MySQL.

CASE Tools:Omnis-5, Case-W, and Easel, DBDesigner

Compilers:Microsoft C (4,5,6,7, Visual C++),gcc, Borland C++ (2,3), Zortech C++(2,3), Visual Basic (3,4,5,6,.NET), Quick Basic (1,2,3,4), Turbo Basic, Clipper, Logitech Modula 2, Turbo Pascal, C3270 (Whitesmith), MASM (3,4,5), SunPro C, Sun javac (Java).

Applications:All Microsoft Office Products (Word, Excel, Visio, PowerPoint, Project, Access, Outlook,etc), Front Page, First Page, WordPerfect (taught course), Lotus-123 (taught course), Dbase, Qedit, Notepad++, FrameMaker, email, MS Mail products, PROFS, Pegasus, Thunderbird, Lotus Notes, MS PowerPoint, MS Project, Kawa, FileZilla, FireFox.

Outside Interests

  • Past chair: Pascal, C language, and Masters conferences for The International Programmers Guild. Past chair of the certification committee. I am a Master Programmer of the Guild.
  • Drafted standards for certification of Professional Programmers for the Guild.
  • Past Member of AAAS, New York Academy of Sciences.
  • Author of ‘Standard Directory System’ software, documentation and utilities.
  • Author of Base64.c and MD5.c Open Source (Base64 used in Linux distro and research OS).
  • Baseball in summer, road hockey in the fall, skating in winter.
  • Music -- I'm finally learning to play the piano and the guitar.
  • Billiards
  • Woodworking
  • [Not really outside, but] Every conceivable method of developing things on/for/by systems.